Providing hope to families of children with special needs through development of intentional relationships in families and communities.

Inspiring Connected Lives

By understanding, accepting, and connecting with our clients, we help them reach beyond limitations to achieve real transformation.


Comprehensive Family Support for Autism

Our services for autistic individuals and their families are grounded in our commitment to inspire growth, uphold human dignity, and create meaningful outcomes. Our scientifically based programs are individually tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients and their families. 



Resilient growth comes from a deep experience of connection to one’s own motivations and a sense of competence in the world. By connecting with clients’ internal motivations, our therapists inspire self-sustaining learning in all aspects of life.


uphold Human Dignity

Self-esteem and self-love are critical for a vital, happy life. At Real Connections, we approach every interaction with a profound respect for the humanity of our clients. By inspiring a vision of greater possibilities, we help clients make deeper connections to themselves and others.


embrace research

Our innovative programs incorporate the latest scientific developments in evidence-based practice. Our treatments draw upon the principles of developmental psychology and cutting-edge neuroscientific research to create lasting change.


Autism engaged

Our programs draw on each client’s individual strengths to help them reach their full neuro-developmental capacity. By tapping into each client’s motivations and interests, our therapies help develop critical functional life skills, promoting a sense of competence in everyday life.