Behavioral Health Treatment for Autism

When your family faces a diagnosis as disorienting as autism, life can become chaotic on many levels. Feelings of fear, apprehension, overwhelming urgency and confusion are common. You may struggle to sort through a dizzying array of information about timing, intensity and types of treatment, as you shuttle your child from one type of therapy to another. Through it all, you’re constantly looking and hoping for signs that your child is making real connections to the social world. 

Real Connections’ behavioral health treatment for autism harnesses the vitality of your child’s own brain to guide the natural progression of neurodevelopment and produce meaningful, internally motivated learning and growth. Drawing from scientific developments that are producing exciting outcomes, our interventions embrace a dynamic, compassionate understanding of human development.


Internally Motivated

Behavioral health treatment for autism involves movement, play, and socialization. All activities are designed around your child’s individual interests and motivations and take place in a setting where your child feels physically and emotionally safe. A feeling of safety provides the right environment for new neural connections to form. Tailoring treatment activities to the child’s interests helps to keep your child engaged as they achieve their full potential for social, emotional and intellectual connection with their world.


Scientifically Based

Every child’s developmental pathway is unique to their own biological and life experiences. As the brain develops, billions of neural connections are formed, creating complex neural networks individual to that child. 

Autism derails this process from its typical trajectory, creating even more individualized profiles of neurodevelopmental functioning. However, the underlying processes and conditions needed for successful brain development are the same for all children. Our behavioral health therapies are based on a refined understanding of the autistic child’s neurobiological profile from the perspective of neurotypical developmental pathways, encouraging complex emotional and cognitive learning.


Individually Focused

Behavioral health treatment for autism is individually tailored based on the client’s needs. We will begin with an in-home assessment to determine the best options for your child, which may include both in-home and in-office treatment. Most clients find that participating in therapy for two hours a day, five days a week is the most effective frequency.


We want the child to feel, to perceive differences, to notice and focus on his own experience as it unfolds.
— Anat Baniel, Kids Beyond Limits: The Anat Baniel Method for Awakening the Brain and Transforming the Life of Your Child With Special Needs


See Real Change

Our behavioral health treatment for autism delivers positive outcomes including:

  • Improved language skills

  • Greater calm and ease

  • More engagement with the world

  • Closer attention in relationships

  • Better communication

  • Clearer thinking

  • Improved comprehension of their world

  • Greater independence


An important treatment goal is to provide the client with the ability to access the physiological state that enables social engagement. Access to this physiological state is limited, due to our neuroception processes, to safe environments. We need to structure settings to remove sensory cues that trigger a neuroception of danger and life threat.
— Stephen W. Porges, The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory: The Transformative Power of Feeling Safe

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