Our services for autistic individuals and their families are grounded in our commitment to inspire growth, uphold human dignity, and create meaningful outcomes.

Meaningful Outcomes

Our comprehensive, patient-centered, dynamic therapy plans support stability, vitality, and flexibility to create growth and resilience. We use cutting-edge neuroscience research to provide compassionate treatment that delivers positive outcomes. By harnessing the principles of brain change discovered in neuroplasticity research, our programs minimize lost time and energy and maximize positive results.


Behavioral Health Treatment for Autism

Our therapies for autistic individuals and their families focus on human dignity and create meaningful outcomes.



We provide movement-based mindfulness therapy for people with special needs, as well as for others seeking personal growth and emotional and physical healing.



We provide psychotherapy specializing in trauma, relationship difficulties, and families of children with special needs.


We support the development of belonging and the capacity to thrive with the understanding that self-acceptance and caring human connections bring freedom and well-being.
— Dr. Ben Zequeira-Russell, Founder, Real Connections Institute