Our Mission

Inspiring and empowering people
to live more connected


Our Vision

Understanding that self-acceptance and caring human connections bring freedom and well-being, we support our clients in developing thriving communities of belonging in their lives.


Our Approach

Real Connections programs combine compassion with cutting-edge neuroscience research to create positive outcomes for children and their families. Our developmental, behavioral intervention program taps into children’s natural brain plasticity to help children on the autism spectrum connect to their bodies, their emotions, and their internal motivations. By providing a safe space for children to learn and grow, we ease stress and encourage the child’s “learning switch” to turn on. Based on scientific evidence, our family-inclusive programs substantially improve the quality of life not just for children, but also for their families.


Our Principles

All Real Connections programs are built on four principles: safety, relationships, open reflection, and innovation.



When children don’t feel safe, their “learning switch” turns off. They disengage emotionally and retreat into automatic, habitual behaviors. At Real Connections, every interaction is designed to make children feel physically and emotionally safe so they can open up to new possibilities to learn and grow.



Relationships are at the core of our being. Connections with others form the basis of our experience and sense of self. Living a life connected to other people not only feels good but has also been scientifically proven to enhance physical and mental well-being.


Open Reflection

Our curious, open, accepting, and loving approach to our clients creates compassion and connection. Being open to how an autistic child sees the world helps us find the most effective treatment methods for that particular child. Supporting openness and active reflection in clients, families, and staff supports more integrated learning for everyone.



We study the latest scientific developments in the fields of autism, psychotherapy, and movement, seeking new, evidence-based treatments to deliver better outcomes for the children we serve. For example, using technologies that monitor a child’s biological responses has helped us develop interventions that are more individually tailored to the child and more effective over time.



Message from Dr. Ben

Welcome to Real Connections Child Development Institute’s digital home. I hope this website will be a space to connect with yourself and lead you into deeper connections with those who matter to you.

The opportunities for learning and connection are endless for all of us. I invite you to explore this website to learn more about the transformational programs at Real Connections.

I hope that you can find a safe place, both here on our website and through our programs, for reflection, acceptance, and growth.

With love and gratitude,

Dr. Ben